Weeping willow trees make for a unique and beautiful landscape. Their long, flowing branches blow in the wind and create a swaying canopy, underneath which you can have endless picnics and summer barbecues. These trees don't require a lot of care once they're established, but there are a few steps you should take to keep your weeping willow healthy and happy.

Have the tree trimmed every couple of years.

Annual pruning is not necessary for a weeping willow. However, having a tree care service come out to trim it every couple of years can ensure any dead branches are removed, so they don't continue to leech energy from the tree or attract insects. Trimming can also ensure your weeping willow maintains a desirable shape, which may be important if you have elements such as fences or sheds in your yard that you don't want its branches hanging onto.

Keep the weeds around the base of the trunk trimmed.

Avoid using a weed whacker to trim these weeds, since you may slice into the tree's trunks. Pull the weeds out on a day when the ground is moist, or use pruning sheers to cut them back. If you let the leaves around your trees trunk grow unchecked, they may trap moisture near the tree's trunk and contribute to fungal growth.

Clear up dead leaves in the fall.

Weeping willow trees are deciduous, which means that their leaves will fall to the ground in autumn. It's important to clean these up promptly, since they may contain fungal spores that cause willow blight. If you leave the leaves on the ground, the fungus could proliferate over the winter and cause a severe infection the next spring. Many willows grow near streams and ponds. Make sure you also clear the fallen leaves out of the water so they don't rot away through the coming year.

Don't let kids swing on the willow branches.

Kids love swinging on willow branches, but this is not the best thing for your willow tree. While no harm will likely come of a few long tendrils breaking off, pulling on the willow's drooping branches can cause cracks further up in the tree's larger branches. The cracked branches may eventually die or fall prey to infection.

A weeping willow will add beauty to your yard for decades if you care for it properly. Follow the tips above, and you'll have one of the most majestic willows in your neighborhood. (For information on trimming services, contact Tree Smart Inc)