Palm trees are tropical trees that grow in many areas of the world. They are beautiful and lively, and a great tree to have. However, if you are working on landscaping in your back yard, there may come a time when you want to remove a palm tree, without killing it completely. These instructions will let you remove a palm tree from your yard safely, and hopefully without killing it.

Choose the Right Time

There are certain conditions that allow you to remove the palm trees without killing them, letting you transplant them in another location later on. The best time of year to remove the palm trees is in the spring or early summer, as it gives them enough time to continue growing and thriving in a new location. You also want to remove a palm tree when it is young and immature, as it is much easier to remove when it is a smaller size.

Water the Area

Begin watering around the root ball that is buried, and saturating the soil. You want to saturate the soil starting at the root ball, then extending out by a few feet from the trunk of the palm tree. This allows the roots to get as damp as possible, which is going to help you remove it. In addition, if the tree and root is too dry when you try to remove it, you risk causing damage and stress to the plant. Using more water than you think you need is not a bad idea.

Use a Mechanical Spade

Once you are done watering the soil and root ball, you can get out your mechanical spade. Insert it into the soil a few feet from the trunk of the palm tree. Begin digging into the soil, circling around the tree trunk. When you place the spade into the ground, be careful not to hit roots that are close to the trunk of the tree. You want to try and preserve these roots as you can prevent excessive stress to the tree and remove it safely.

Pull Out the Tree

Once you have dug around the perimeter of the tree, it is time to start pulling it out. A large piece of burlap will work effectively at pulling it out. Place the burlap underneath the root ball, going through the areas of soil you just loosened with the spade. You may need help from another person to get the burlap under the palm tree's roots. Take hold of the burlap on both sides of the palm tree, then start pulling it out of the ground. Once it is out, lay it down on its side and cut the fronds from the crown with pruning shears. (For more information, contact Kansas City Tree Care, LLC)