That unsightly tree you have been trying to wrangle for years is finally going to be a thing of the past. You have decided to hire a tree service professional to come in and remove the tree from your property and soon it will be out of sight. As excited as you are ti get that tree out of your way, you likely have a few questions about the tree removal process and what to expect. Here are a few of those most common questions and the answers you will definitely need to know in advance of the upcoming project.

Will your lawn be damaged during tree removal?

When you work hard to keep your lawn looking good, the last thing you want is to see it destroyed. The tree service professional knows this fact and will work hard to make sure that the area around the tree stays intact in spite of the work. However, there may be some damages that cannot be avoided, such as some nicks, dings, and dips that can occur as the tree comes down.

How can you make the process go more quickly?

The day the tree service is set to arrive, there are several things you can do to prepare that will make things go much faster. Some of the things you should be doing that day include:

  • Making sure your pets are properly contained
  • Moving your vehicles out of the way
  • Clearing the property around the tree of lawn furnishings, toys, and landscaping items
  • Alerting the neighbors that you will be having a tree removed

Taking the time to get prepared for the professionals in advance will make the process go much faster when they arrive. However, this will also make the experience a lot easier on you as the property owner as well.

Will you have to contact local utility companies for line removal?

If you have a large tree that is entangled in utility lines, these lines must be properly tended to and removed before work can begin. In most cases, the tree service professional will alert the local utility company of the project. However, the utility company may have to have your consent before the lines can be temporarily moved. Therefore, it is a good idea to stop by the local office to let them know you already know what is taking place.

With the right professional on your side, tree removal can be an experience that will not be at all stressful. Make sure you speak with your chosen professional about any concerns you have well in advance of the project. Contact a company like B. Haney & Sons for more information.