It's important to remove stumps from your property. Not only does this remove eyesores from your yard, but it frees up some space. Removing tree stumps doesn't have to be difficult when you take these steps:

Burn the Tree Stump

One of the most effective methods for removing a tree stump involves burning it. First, you need to cut off any mulch that surrounds the stump. This prevents the fire from spreading to your property.

You then need to get an electrical drill and put a hole in the center of the stump. Make sure to go as deep as you can, and then clean out any debris that may be in the hole. Once the hole is clear, put some kerosene in it. Drill several more holes around the stump and fill them with water.

Finally, get a piece of wood, place it on the top of the stump and then set it on fire. Let the fire burn until only pieces of the stump are left over. You can then remove these pieces with your hands.

Utilize Potassium Nitrate

If you don't want to have to deal with a fire, you can always use potassium nitrate. You can buy this chemical solution online or at your local hardware store. Start by cutting the stump with a chainsaw until several inches of the stump are left.

Drill holes around the perimeter of the stump and pour the potassium nitrate into all of the holes. This type of nitrate is designed to speed up the rotting process. It will take a couple of months for the nitrate to fully break down the tree stump. This method is not that labor-intensive.

Contact a Stump Removal Service

If you don't want to have to worry about removing the stumps on your property, you can always get help from a stump removal service. Professionals will come out and use a tree stump grinder – a power tool that has a rotating cutting disk that chips away at stumps.

These professionals have protective eyewear and clothes, so they can remove the stump in a safe manner. Stump grinders have forged-steel teeth, which will quickly work through wood and tough roots. After the stump is removed, the team can put topsoil over the area – so that your property looks nice. One company that does work like this is Brandywine Tree & Shrub, for example.

When there are stumps on your property, these steps will help you remove stumps in a safe, efficient manner.