Having an unsightly tree stump in your yard can reduce the aesthetic value of your home. These stumps also present a safety hazard if you have young children, and they create additional work when it comes to grooming your yard.

If you don't want to use toxic chemicals to kill off your tree stump, here are two all-natural ways you can get rid of unwanted stumps in the future.

1. Using Fire To Rot A Tree Stump

A tree stump that has started to rot can be much easier to remove than a healthy stump, since the root system will be brittle in a rotted stump. You can speed the natural rotting process through the use of controlled burns. Before making use of fire to help rot your tree stump, ensure that your city doesn't require a special permit first.

Once you have the necessary authorization, use a power drill to begin drilling out holes that are approximately 10 inches deep into the top surface of the stump. Fill the holes with potassium nitrate, and allow the liquid to penetrate the wood for a period of several weeks. Once the stump is saturated, light it on fire and let it burn until the healthy wood has completely deteriorated. Then, you can use a shovel to easily remove any parts of the stump that haven't been turned to ash by the fire.

2. Using Epsom Salt To Rot A Stump

If you want to not only get rid of an unsightly stump, but improve the quality of the soil in your yard or garden as well, then Epsom salts could provide the answers you are looking for. Adding Epsom salt to the soil surrounding your unwanted tree stump will eventually cause your stump to dehydrate. This is because Epsom salt particles are minute and can be absorbed into the water supply. The stump's roots will soak up the Epsom salt particles, which will pull additional moisture from the wood.

To achieve the best results, drill holes at least 8 inches deep into the top surface of the stump. Fill each hole with 100% epsom salt, and add water to soften the salt particles. The stump should begin to die out in about a month or two.

Getting rid of an unwanted stump doesn't mean you have to introduce harmful chemical agents that could contaminate your soil. By relying on fire and Epsom salt, you can get rid of an unwanted stump without compromising the rest of your home's landscaping. You can also contact a company like Coryell Tree Service to find out other natural ways to remove a stump.