Seeds from all kinds of trees and plants are often redistributed in nature by animals that eat them or store them for winter. If you find that you suddenly have a few more saplings in your yard or trees on your property that you did not plant, you can thank the local wildlife. Here is how these trees came to be, how you can remove them, and how you can prevent them.

Squirrels: Seed Bandits with Alzheimer's

It is the squirrel's innate habit to find lots of seeds and nuts and hide them anywhere it can. This habit helps the fuzzy little critter keep its food larder safe from other animals that like to consume some of the same items. It also helps to store it up for winter. Unfortunately, squirrels are notorious for having bad memories. Their pea-sized brains forbid them from remembering every last place they buried a nut or seed, resulting in lots of seedlings and saplings, and eventually fully grown trees that produce more nuts and seeds. If you see a lot of squirrels in your yard, chances are good that this is where your excess trees came from.

Removing the Squirrels' Handiwork

Tree removal is a lot easier to manage if you uproot the seedlings before they become saplings. You can still remove the saplings almost as easily as the seedlings by pulling them up by the roots. Some will come up out of the ground easier than others. It depends on how deep the roots have become. Once you discover a full-grown tree that is at least two years old or more, then you will need the help of a tree service (such as Chudy Tree Care) to cut it down and grind down the stump so it cannot grow back.

Preventing the Squirrels from Building a Forest for You

Now that you and the tree removal service have cleared away any trees you did not want nor planned on having, you need to prevent future trees from mysteriously appearing. Sonic sound emitters drive squirrels away, as do commercial chemical deterrents, which are far too smelly and offensive to a squirrel's nose. You probably discovered that most of the trees you did not want were along your fence or property line. It is because squirrels, like people, try to use landmarks to remember where they put their stash. Spraying the deterrent in all of the areas where you found extra trees before should prevent the squirrels from burying their nuts and seeds there again, thereby preventing new tree growth as well.