If you have trees in your backyard or front yard that need to be trimmed, there are a variety of tools and equipment needed to accomplish it. Here are the most important types of equipment to have on hand for trimming different types of trees:


The first type of equipment you should have on hand when you are going to trim trees is a chainsaw. Depending on your level of expertise and what you feel most comfortable with, this can either be a battery-powered chainsaw or an electric chainsaw. The main difference between these two types of chainsaws is that the battery-powered models don't have a cord, while you will need an extension cord for an electric chainsaw.

However, you of course need to have enough batteries on hand, so you may prefer just plugging in the electric one. When shopping for these chainsaws, make sure you pick up a few different models to find one that feels right in your hands. Some might be too heavy or bulky, and won't be very helpful if you have a lot of tree trimming to do.

Pole Tree Pruners

When it comes to pruners, the pole tree variety is the best you can get for trimming trees. There are a few different sizes of pruners, depending on the type of tree you need to trim. Pole tree pruners let you keep the tree's natural shape and trim them effectively without having to use fancy tools or climb up a ladder. The pruners are on the end of a long pole, so you can stand on the ground and do the majority of the trimming work.

Alligator Loppers

If you have lighter trimming work to do, such as simply needing to remove some of the smaller branches, you can do a lot with alligator loppers. These loppers will cut branches of many different sizes, though they won't help you with the heavy-duty cutting. It is a good idea to have a strong pair of loppers, in addition to the pruners and a chainsaw for the bigger trimming work.

Wood Chippers

Finally, it is a good idea to have a wood chipper on hand. Unless you plant to use all those branches as firewood or for another home project, you will need to dispose of them. This is much easier to do when you can put them in a wood chipper and use the chips as mulch for your yard. It is a great way to reuse all those branches without throwing them away.

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