The tree is down and all that remains is the stump. It can be tempting to just leave it where it is. You can just pretend that it's an all natural lawn ornament, or maybe set a flower pot on top to make it look a little bit more appealing. Unfortunately, an old stump can cause all sorts of trouble in your lawn. Not convinced? Then read on to find out why you should get rid of that stump.

Reason #1: Stumps Pose a Traffic Hazard

While large stumps are hard to miss, smaller stumps or those cut off near ground level can pose a major hazard. Not only can people trip over them when playing or running in the yard, you can cause major damage to your lawnmower if you accidentally hit a stump.

Reason #2: The Attack of the "Tree Weeds"

Just because the tree is cut down doesn't mean it is dead. Tree roots often survive. This means that the tree will constantly try to regrow. You may end up with new, scraggly growth erupting from the stump itself. Sometimes, new tree saplings will show up in the lawn surrounding the stump. These trees are growing up from the roots spreading out from the stump. You will be cutting down and fighting these weedy trees for a long time if you let the stump stay.

Reason #3: Pest and Problem Magnets

You may think that killing the stump, usually with a chemical stump killer, will solve the weedy growth problem. Although it will, you will now have a new problem – pests. Many of the insects that will begin feasting on the dead wood are harmless, but there are quite a few that can cause major problems later. The most obvious one is the termite. Once they finish feasting on the stump, your home may be the next closest meal.

What Should You Do?

Now that you're convinced that the stump must go, what's the best way to tackle the problem? Stump removal is usually a process. First, you begin by chemically killing the roots. Most stump killers require that you drill deep holes into the stump, and then poor in the stump killer. After a set amount of time, the stump is dead.

Next, you either grind it out or chop it out. If you used chemical stump killer, the stump often turns spongy and you can easily break it up with an ax and then lift the chunks out of the ground. The other option is grinding the stump down so that it's 4 inches below the soil surface, using a stump grinder. Both are acceptable removal methods.

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