Even if you have trees on your property, you might have never thought of hiring a professional tree service. After all, what hazard do trees pose? However, it is critical to keep your trees well-maintained for several reasons:


This is probably the reason that you are most likely to consult a tree service. If you have a particularly large tree that is obstructing your view or preventing sunlight from reaching your garden, then you might want to trim the tree a bit, or maybe even remove it entirely. Similarly, if your tree is obstructing the view of your neighbors, then you might want to cut the tree in order to appease them.

Safety Hazard

Keeping your trees nice and tidy can also serve another important benefit: the preservation of your safety. If a tree is large and unkempt, then there is a chance that dangerous branches could fall and hurt someone. Even worse, especially large trees can drop branches onto the property of your neighbors, which can actually be the basis for a lawsuit!

If you have small children, then keeping your trees well-maintained is even more important. While a falling branch might only be mildly inconvenient for an adult, the same branch might seriously injure a child.

The process of trimming a tree itself is also a fairly dangerous task. If the tree is large, then you will need to climb a ladder while simultaneously using a sharp cutting device. There are quite a few ways that this situation can prove hazardous, so it might be a better idea to let the professionals handle it.

Health Hazard

One possibility that you might not consider is the health risk that your tree poses through possible pests and fungi. If your tree is dead or dying, then there is a decent chance that there are hazards dwelling within it, such as termites. A tree service will be able to check your trees for these parasites and remove them if necessary. If you don't find these risks in time, then there is a chance that termites could spread to your house or that you could get sick from the fungi. In either case, you will end up suffering and paying a lot more than you would have if you had just hired a tree service to check your tree out.

Again, trying to find hazards in your tree is probably best left to professionals. Depending on the problem, you might not know exactly what precautions to take, which could end up hurting you in the long run.