Hiring a tree service to trim the trees around your property or even cut some down is a good idea if you're not comfortable with doing the job yourself. However, if you own a chainsaw and know how to use it safely, you can enjoy the satisfaction of tackling a cutting project on your own. If it's been a while since you used the chainsaw, there are a handful of simple tasks that you can perform to make it run more smoothly, make the job easier and give you a better finished product. Here are the things that you can do.

Tighten The Chain

Over time, the cutting chain on a chainsaw can get loose, making it dangle a little bit from the bar. If the chain gets too loose, the concern is that it could slip off when you're cutting, which could pose a serious risk to your safety or the safety of someone who is helping you. Tightening the chain is as simple as using a special wrench that is likely in the chainsaw's case; if not, you can buy one wherever chainsaws are sold. Check the location of the tightening nut by reading the chainsaw's manual, and then tighten the nut with the wrench until the chain is snug on the bar.

Lubricate The Chain

A chainsaw chain needs to be properly lubricated to run correctly. If it's not, it can seize in the middle of you cutting through a tree branch, which will often result in the chainsaw getting stuck in the wood and disrupting your progress. The process of lubricating the chain is simple. Although the process can slightly differ from model to model, you typically press the nozzle of a grease gun onto the sprocket at the tip of the bar, add a little grease, and then move the chain manually and add a little more. Once you've moved the chain one full revolution, the job is done.

Sharpen The Chain

A dull chainsaw chain will dramatically increase the effort you'll need to expend to trim your trees. If it's been a while since the chain has been sharpened, buy a sharpening kit at your local retailer and follow the instructions. Typically, you mount a bracket to the bar of the saw and use a specialized sharpening tool to rub on each of the links in the chain until it's sharp. Doing this will greatly improve your ability to cut with ease.