To beautify your front lawn or backyard, you might have purchased a young tree for your property. You may only plan to plant it and watch it grow, but you've also got to maintain your new tree so it grows in a healthy way and stands in place for many years. The following pointers are sure to help the young tree grow.

Anchor It With Wood Stakes

After planting your new young tree, it's important to give its thin trunk some help. Young trees are more likely than older ones to sway in the breeze; if you live in a location that sees strong winds, keep in mind that the trunk of your tree could start to bend in one direction over time instead of growing vertically if you don't take action. To help the trunk remain straight, anchor the young tree by placing two wooden stakes on either side and tying rope or wire around the tree so that it is held in place by the stakes.

Delay Additives And Nutrients

It's not unusual to think that loading the soil around the young tree with store-bought nutrients and additives is a good idea. However, what can sometimes happen is that the young tree's roots grow only within the additive-rich soil; they don't expand to the natural soil surrounding the tree. As the nutrients are used up, the tree starts to suffer. To give your tree a chance, wait and allow the roots to naturally grow in the soil on your property. You can add nutrients later if you see that the tree needs some help.

Cover The Trunk And Roots To Prepare For Winter

The winter can be a tricky time for a young tree; should the roots freeze in the soil, growth could become a problem. As a plant, your tree will need to be protected against early frosts. To give your tree the help it needs to continue growing well, you'll have to do a few things to keep it warm.

For example, it's smart to arrange mulch around the base of the tree to prevent the soil from frosting over. You can also wrap the tree trunk with burlap to prevent frost. Depending on how cold your area will get, you may also want to think about building a small greenhouse around the tree and keeping the area warm with an electric heater.

With the information here, your new tree will be healthier and grow in a better way. Work with a local company which provides tree care services, such as NORCAL Tree Care; they can assist you with tree maintenance and show you how to best care for your particular tree.