When people talk of tree spacing, they generally mean the space between one tree and the next. In the tree industry, however, this is just one of the various types of tree spacing available. Here are other forms of tree spacing and the significance they have for your home.

Vertical Spacing

Vertical spacing of the trees refers to the removal of branches and vegetation between the ground and the top of the tree. Here are some of the reasons vertical spacing is important:

·         It reduces the risk of pest infestation; without adequate vertical spacing, pests can easily live in nearby trees and migrate to your house

·         It improves your home's security; having too many bushes around the house provides burglars with space to hide

·         It keeps trees healthy; branches that touch the ground can easily get attacked by pests and diseases such as fungi

·         It keeps your home safe; too many branches near the ground makes it easy for the fire to spread during an outbreak

Horizontal Spacing

Vertical spacing refers to the removal of tree branches, trunks, vegetation, and whole trees between trees. For example, you have multiple trees growing in a confined space, and they are so close together that their branches are intertwined. In such a case, it may be best to increase the horizontal space between them by removing some branches or trunks.

Here are the major advantages of horizontal spacing:

·         It makes your home safe and secure just like vertical spacing; it does this by getting rid of hiding places for burglars and preventing the spread of fire

·         It encourages healthy growth in trees because they don't have to compete too much for air or sunlight

Defensible Spacing

Defensible spacing refers to the removal of trees or tree foliage to reduce the risk of property damage or injury. For example, it may be used to:

·         Remove trees between your home and wild vegetation so that wildfire can't easily jump from the wild vegetation to your home

·         Removing trees between your home and your landscaping so that fire can't easily jump from the trees to your house

·         Removing trees near your house to that they don't fall on your house and damage it

A tree removal company can help you get the right spacing for the trees in your home. Talk to a tree removal company like Complete Tree Care for further benefits you may enjoy by spacing your trees right, and how to do that.