Trees on your property are a valuable addition, providing shade for your home, wildlife habitation, and greenery for landscaping. Good tree care habits will help keep trees healthy and valuable, but sometimes, age, disease, and insects cause problems. It is important to diagnose problems before making hasty decisions. Here are some tips that will help you diagnose tree health issues and decide on options for care and removal:

1. Droughts and Tree Health Issues That Need to Be Addressed

Droughts can cause major issues with tree health. To ensure trees are healthy during a drought, make sure that you water them regularly during the right times of the day. This means that you want to water them when the sun is coming up or going down and it is still cool outside. In addition, use materials like straw to cover the base of root systems and to prevent evaporation of water during days of irrigation. 

2. Treating Insect Infestations That Affect the Health of Trees

Insect infestations are another issue that can affect trees. There are many different types of insects that can damage trees in the habitat, such as bees, ants, and termites. There are also many invasive insects that you want to keep an eye out for, such as ash borers and other destructive beetle species that are not in their habitat. If you have a problem related to invasive insects, you want to have a tree specialist evaluate the situation to determine the best solution for treatment.

3. Dealing with Diseases That Plague Certain Species of Trees

Disease can also plague trees and cause a lot of damage. You want to prevent disease from spreading into healthy trees, which may mean that sick trees will need to be removed. Sometimes, trees will need to be quarantined when removal is done, to prevent the disease from spreading to healthy trees and other areas of the region where you live.

4. Winter Weather and Freeze Damage That Causes Tree Problems

Winter weather is another issue that can cause a lot of damage that you will have to deal with. One of the biggest signs of damage from winter weather is freezing and trunks cracking. If you noticed a severe cracking on the trunk or branches of trees, this can be a sign of winter weather damage that needs to be treated before the next growing season.

These are some tips to help with diagnosing the health of trees and the care that may be needed. When you have a tree that is a hazard to your property due to its condition, contact a tree care service, such as Hudson & Sons Tree Service, and talk to them about removal.