Stump grinding is often an optional service when a homeowner has a tree cut down. You might buy a property that has a big stump in the backyard from a tree that was removed years ago and wonder how you're going to deal with it. The easiest way to eliminate a tree stump is to grind it away rather than try to pull it out. Here are some things to know about stump grinding.

A Stump Grinder Can Fit Through Your Gate

It takes a powerful machine to shave down a big tree stump, but the machine is still small enough to fit through your fence gate and get to the backyard. Stump grinders come in different sizes, from small machines that are pushed to the tree stump to larger machines that are driven. The grinder has a big saw blade on the end that does all the work a layer at a time. Depending on the size of the tree and the size of the saw blade, a stump can be ground up in a matter of minutes or it may take over an hour.

Stump Grinding Leaves Behind A Mound Of Mulch

The debris from shaving down the stump accumulates in a big mound. Wood shavings are mixed with dirt to create mulch that the tree services push into the hole left by the stump after it's removed. You'll still have a lot of mulch leftover that you can use for your flower gardens. Discuss with the stump grinding service if you want them to remove the excess mulch or if you want to keep it for use around your yard.

Stump Grinding Doesn't Remove All The Roots

One difference between grinding a stump away and digging a stump out is that grinding leaves roots behind. A stump is usually ground a few inches below the ground so the area will be level and ready for sod, but roots can remain that spread out several feet from the grinding site. These roots will eventually die, but until they do they might send up shoots. You'll want to mow over the shoots and not let them grow or their leaves will send nutrients down to the roots.

You Can Plant Grass Or Plants Over The Area

Once the tree is gone, you can amend the soil and put in sod or plants. However, you probably don't want to plant a new tree in the exact spot as the old one because of the decaying root system below the soil that might interfere with the developing roots of the new tree. If you want a tree in the same area, talk to a tree professional about the best placement so the tree has a good chance at survival.

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