If you are looking into purchasing or renting a crane for your company's needs, you could be planning on renting a standard, traditional crane. However, depending on what your company's needs are, you might find that a crane truck works well, too. A crane truck is basically a truck that has a crane on the back. It won't work for all applications that a crane would be used for, although a crane truck can be used for surprisingly heavy-duty applications. If a crane truck will work for your company's needs, you might want to choose this option for these reasons.

1. They're Easier to Maneuver

First of all, you will probably find that a crane truck is much easier to maneuver than a standard crane. Because the crane is attached to a more standard truck body, it is much easier to move the equipment around when you need to. You can easily turn it around or move it to a different spot on the work site by simply driving it like you would any other type of truck.

2. You Don't Need Special Equipment for Hauling

Another good thing about crane trucks is the fact that you don't need any special equipment for hauling. If you need a crane that you can use on all different job sites, for example, you might like the fact that you will not need a separate truck and a special trailer that is designed for hauling heavy equipment. You probably will not even need a permit to take the crane truck on the road when you're moving from one shop or job site to another. This simplifies the transport process by a lot and helps you save money, too.

3. They Take Up Less Space

Lastly, a crane truck is generally going to take up less space than a standard crane. If you want to make sure that it's protected, you should be able to park it in a large garage or shop, for example. If you are working on a smaller job site and don't have a lot of space, then you will probably find that a crane truck will work well.

Standard cranes are definitely very useful for all sorts of heavy-duty applications. However, there are other options that might work well for your business, too. For example, a crane truck might be a good choice for your company's needs. If it will work for your business, it might be an ideal choice for the reasons above.

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