Is your part of the country currently suffering from a drought, and now you are worried about the health of your trees? If so, you likely have to be selective over which trees you give water to. While the ideal situation is to water all the trees on your property, that may not be possible. Be sure to follow these tips to learn how to properly take care of your trees during a drought. 

Care For Young Trees First

If you need to selectively water trees on your property, make sure to give the most water to your young trees. These trees need to establish their root system, and the only way to do that is with more water. A more mature tree planted in the right spot is going to get by with less water.

Pay Attention To Sun Exposure

You likely have trees that are exposed to the sun all day long, and other trees that get a bit of shade from structures like your home. Any trees that have sun exposure all day should have a priority to get water over those that receive shade. 

Look For Heat Traps

Some parts of your property are considered heat traps, where heat is more likely to get trapped underground and dry out the roots of the tree. This is usually in places where you have plenty of exposed pavement, such as near your driveway. These tree should get more water than other trees due to the additional heat exposure.

Remember To Prioritize During The Right Seasons

There are certain times during the year that are a bigger priority than others to water a tree. The springtime is when you want to be giving trees as much water as possible, since this helps with leaves and buds growing on the branches.

Use Mulch To Trap Moisture

Putting water directly on the ground is not going to do much if the heat causes the water to evaporate. Use mulch to help trap the water at the base of the tree.

Learn To Recycle Water

There are plenty of ways to recycle water in your home so that you can give some to your trees. Some homeowners use a greywater system so that waste that goes down their sinks is not wasted by going into the sewer system. It is possible to collect that water so it can be used outside to water the trees and other plants. 

For more information, contact a tree care service in your area.