If you are having an established maple tree removed in your yard because it died, you need to know why this happened. Below is information about three things that could be the reason. The tree service company you hire to remove your tree can also give you a lot of insight into this problem.


In many cases, insects are the cause of a tree dying. There are many insects that stay on the surface of the bark which do not pose any problems. There are other insects like insects that bore into the bark, bark beetles, gypsy moth, and tent caterpillars that will cause damage to a tree. If not taken care of over time, this damage can result in the tree dying. 

Look at trees to see if you see any holes in the bark. You may also see sawdust on the ground, the bark splitting off, or the leaves may begin to die back. 

Not Trimmed Correctly

Trimming a tree is important once it gets large because you need to keep the canopy thinned out. This will allow the rainwater to get through the tree down into the soil. If you try to trim a tree on your own and do not do it correctly, this will cause problems with the tree. 

If you cut too many branches or do not cut branches in the right way, the tree will not grow well. If this happens, the tree will then be susceptible to diseases and insects and can even cause the tree to die faster. A tree service company should be called to trim trees on your property when they are needed to ensure it is done in the right way.

Using Pesticides

If you use pesticides on your property to kill weeds or anything else, the pesticides can get into the soil. If this happens, the pesticide may get deep enough to get to the roots of your trees. This will cause a lot of root damage, which can cause a tree to die. 

Choose organic pesticides to take care of weeds instead, as this type will not cause any damage to the roots or anything else in your yard. You could also put a layer of mulch over the weeded area to kill the weeds naturally. Sun or the rain will not reach the weeds once they are covered up, causing them to die. 

While the tree removal service is at your home, ask them to inspect other trees you have to ensure they do not have any problems.