Once you have cut down a tree, you're often left with an undesirable tree stump on your landscape. Some people get creative with these stumps by turning them into tables, candle holders, benches, and sculptures. Regardless, many homeowners choose to remove the tree stump to eliminate the trip hazard and stifle unappealing growth. The tree stump can also begin to decay; thus, attracting pests such as termites which could invade your home. To avoid these problems, here are ways to remove your tree stump. 

Manually Remove the Tree Stump 

If you have got a couple of weeks to spare, manual removal would be a good option. It's a slow process, especially if you're digging it out with handheld tools such as mattocks. If it's a small stump, it shouldn't take more than a day. However, the larger the stump gets, the longer it will take to remove. 

Use Chemicals 

Another option would be to use chemicals to remove the tree stump. Unlike manual removal, the use of chemicals isn't as labor-intensive, but it takes time. You'll still need to cut off the top half of the tree stump and drill holes into the remaining part. 

With this option, fill the holes with water, add potassium nitrate, soak the surrounding ground with water and cover it with a plastic tarp. Place organic mulch on top of the tarp and water again. Monitor progress and add water plus potassium nitrate accordingly. 

After a few weeks, your tree stump will be spongy, you can dismantle it using an ax. If this doesn't work, try another option or hire a tree removal company. 

Burn the Stump 

Although you can always burn the tree stump to the ground, it's not advisable. The problem with fire is that it can easily spread to your property and even neighboring properties. Also, you would need to confirm that you're allowed to use fuel oil or kerosene to burn tree stumps in your neighborhood. 

Many things could go wrong when trying to burn a tree stump. Avoid fire problems by consulting professionals who understand how to remove tree stumps safely. 

Hire a Tree Removal Service

There is no better way to remove a tree stump than by hiring a tree removal service. They have the experience and tools to remove the stubborn stumps in a day or less. If you choose to DIY remove the stump, it will take days or weeks to completely remove it. 

Also, you'll need tree removal equipment such as a stump grinder. You can either hire or buy the equipment, which can cost upwards of $450. This is more expensive than hiring a tree removal company to perform the same task. 

You'll be surprised to find that the cost might be less than the cost of purchasing a stump grinder. Instead of struggling with a small grinder to remove a stump for days, hire a professional. Contact a tree removal service to learn more.