You may want to have a tree removed from your property when it becomes a problem. It can become a concern for you when it has something wrong with it that has made it weak, when it is creating a hazardous condition for an area of your property, or when it is negatively interfering with your landscape. You can read about three examples of a tree doing each of these things in this article.

What can cause a tree to become weak?

There are many things that can cause a tree to become weak. Storm damage is a very common culprit. A tree can get hit by lightning, be partially ripped from the ground, or have a good majority of its branches broken off. Something else that can make a tree weak is an infestation. When a tree is infested with boring insects, the insects will weaken the tree to the point where it will eventually die and pose a danger. There are also diseases that can weaken and kill trees. 

What can make a tree hazardous?

Weak or dead trees, such as those described above, are dangerous because they can end up falling. Trees with pests or diseases come with the additional risk of the ailment spreading to the surrounding trees. Also, trees that are too close to your home, another structure, or power lines, should be considered a hazard. A tree that has roots that are encroaching on the plumbing pipes, sewer pipes, or the swimming pool is also a problem. 

How can a tree negatively interfere with the landscape?

A tree can negatively affect a space when it's too large for the area, so it takes away from the areas of the landscape you want to put attention on. The tree can be the wrong species for your yard and look out of place compared to other foliage. It can cause so much of a mess that it makes it hard for you to keep up with the regular maintenance of your yard. A tree can cast too much of a shadow and block necessary sunlight from reaching certain parts of your lawn or flowerbeds, causing those areas to die. 


If you have a tree that's a problem, then consider having it removed. Once it is removed, then you can replace it with something else that looks good and will be an asset instead of a hindrance. Contact a tree removal service near you for more information.