Even though you are cutting off parts of a tree by engaging in tree trimming, the act of trimming your tree is actually good for the plant and can even prolong the life of your tree. There are various reasons why.

Help a Young Tree Mature

If you have your tree trimmed when it's young, it will mature into a more steady tree. Once you are happy with the shape that the tree has taken, you can then have it trimmed so that it maintains that shape. 

Keep the Tree Balanced

When a tree becomes unbalanced because one side is heavy, it is more likely to learn in a particular direction, break, or even topple over. If there is a large storm, a tree that hasn't been adequately trimmed will be much more vulnerable. 

Remove Bad Sections

When you have your tree trimmed, it's important to have the diseased and dying sections of the tree removed. Parts of your tree that are infested with pests should be removed so the pests do not spread to a different area of the tree or to a nearby tree.

Improve the Overall Health of the Tree

When useless branches are removed from the tree, water, and other resources will no longer be directed to those areas of the tree. By removing branches in the right way, you will also allow more sunlight to reach the tree. The tree will also receive more airflow.

Use Proper Tree Trimming Techniques

Tree trimmers are able to use techniques that are better able to prolong the life of a tree. With "lateral cutting," the tree trimmer cuts a third of the tree while cutting laterally at an angle. They avoid cutting the collar of the tree to reduce the size of the wound and to allow the branch to regrow out of the tree. However, this technique is not used on fruit trees, but there are other techniques that a tree service can use to increase the quantity and quality of the fruit produced by your tree through proper pruning.

If a tree is not cut properly, you might increase the odds that it will be infested with pests or attacked by diseases that infect trees. Therefore, you will always want to have your tree trimmed by a tree service. A tree service like Mow Better Tree Service, LLC is also able to identify hazards, such as an unstable tree, and take the appropriate action.