Proper maintenance of trees is critical in ensuring that they're healthy and look good. Remember that a tree with low-hanging branches can hinder proper vehicle passage. Also, if the tree branches are damaged or diseased, ensure that a tree pruning professional removes them to prevent cases where they fall and damage your vehicle or building. Pruning will also dictate the direction your tree will grow. By doing this, you'll encourage your plant to grow strong branches. Here are helpful tips when planning tree pruning.

Know When It's Time To Prune

You may think that it's okay to prune your trees whenever you want, but this is something you should avoid. You may remove dead or damaged branches at any time, but pruning healthy branches should be done at a specific time of the year. Doing it at the wrong time can cause damage, resulting in weak branches. The best time of the year to prune your trees is in late winter because most trees are dormant. Additionally, you'll hardly experience insect problems or the growth of fungus.

Understand The Right Approach To Pruning Large Branches

When pruning large branches, particularly those you can't prune with one hand, ensure that you cut each branch on both sides. Start by cutting a few centimeters from the branch. It would help if you cut at the top about the same distance as the bottom cut. By doing this, the tree will split from the area where you cut them.

Ensure That You Employ the Appropriate Tools

When you prune your trees, it's crucial to ensure that you choose the appropriate tools for the job. They also need to have a sharp edge and should be easy to handle. Note that when you prune diseased trees, you should disinfect the shears to avoid the spread of disease. Pow pruners are an excellent choice for cutting long and thick tree branches. Hand pruners are best suited for cutting short, thin branches.

Know How Much You Should Remove While Pruning

While trimming your trees, you should know the right amount to remove. If you have a relatively low tree species, ensure that you don't trim it too much as it will affect its appearance. Even if you have a tall tree with low-hanging branches, you should prune most of the lower limbs as it will affect the tree's health.

Pruning your tree is essential as it ensures it grows healthy and strong. Remember that the only way to perform proper pruning is by seeking the help of an experienced tree pruning professional.