Doing your own landscaping can be very rewarding, so long as you are happy with the results in the end. Garden beds, especially, tend to look tired and worn quite quickly if you don't design and create them the right way. So, how do you create better garden beds in your landscape?

Here are four key landscaping tips.

Use more shrubs and bushes

You may not mind planting a couple of new annual flowers each year, but you don't want to have to re-plant your whole bed. Perennial flowers are nice because they come up year after year, but you still only get a few weeks of flowering from most. So, for more year-round beauty that you don't have to plant every season, you want to use more shrubs and bushes in your garden beds. A few butterfly bushes, small fir trees, and boxwoods will quickly fill up a garden bed and don't require much maintenance.

Use edging

Have you ever created a nice, crisp edge along your garden bed, only to find it caves in or gets grown over within a few weeks? You can prevent this by putting edging along your garden beds. You don't have to buy the expensive brick or stone kind if that's not in your budget. The black plastic edging that comes in big reels is easy to unroll and press down into the soil along the edge of your garden beds.

Put the mulch on thick

If there's one secret to better garden beds, it's mulch. Don't just scatter it over the garden beds, either. You want to use a nice, thick layer. Leave a couple of inches of space around the base of each plant. This will help ensure the plants get water, and it will prevent their stems from rotting with constant contact with the mulch. Pack the mulch down gently; this will keep it in place when it rains and when the wind blows.

Water everything right away

Always water your plants soon after planting them. This way, the roots are immediately moist, which encourages them to grow and really reach into the soil in the garden beds. Your plants will grow stronger and sturdier with this approach. Of course, you need to keep watering them, too.

With the tips above, you can create lovely garden beds and an overall lovely landscape. If you need any help, reach out to a landscaping company, such as A Woman's Touch Tree Care LLC.