The large trees that are growing on your property will be one of the most dominant features of your landscaping. However, these trees will also potentially pose a threat that will have to be addressed by either removing the trees or performing substantial pruning.

Large Damaged Or Diseased Sections Of The Tree

In some situations, the trees on your property may develop a range of diseases that could negatively impact the health of the plants. In extreme cases, the trees may even be at a much greater risk of collapsing. This could put any structures, vehicles, or people that are in the vicinity in extreme danger. Following major storms in your area, you should pay special attention to the condition of the trees. If you notice that one or more branches are starting to die, they may need to be trimmed. In extreme cases, the entire tree may even need to be removed.

A Substantial Lean To One Side

Stability issues can be another common reason for needing to have a tree removed from a property. If the soil starts to erode near the tree or if it is no longer capable of supporting the weight of the tree, the plant may develop a substantial lean to one side. As time progresses, this lean can become worse, which may result in the tree being at risk of falling over. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to effectively repair a tree that has developed a severe lean, which may leave removal as the best option for dealing with this hazardous tree.

Growing In A Dangerous Area

There may be some areas of your property where the presence of a large tree is extremely dangerous or otherwise problematic. An example of this could be a tree that is growing too close to the base of your home as its roots could cause costly foundation damage. Additionally, trees growing near swimming pools can also pose a risk to those using the pool as a branch could potentially fall on them and trap them in the water. Luckily, there are tree removal services that will be capable of safely removing these trees.

When there is a hazardous tree on your property, removal or substantial pruning work may be necessary to mitigate the safety risks that it will pose. Recognizing the various types of risks and problems that a tree could pose can help you take the appropriate steps for eliminating this threat of property damage or physical injuries occurring. 

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