Trimming is a vital tree care service during all stages of a tree's life. Tree trimming for mature trees is undoubtedly more complex than trimming younger trees. It, therefore, follows that you need to be extra cautious when trimming mature trees to maximize the benefits of the service.

Here are some great pointers that will help you get the best results when trimming a mature tree.

1. Define the Purpose of the Trim

Tree trimming helps to build a strong and stable branch structure in younger trees. With mature trees, trimming helps improve aesthetics and is crucial for size control and safety. The reason for the trim will help to inform the type of cut and how much of the tree should go.

For example, trimming to thin the canopy and allow more light in may require a different technique than trimming to raise the canopy. Discuss with the tree service professionals precisely what you want to achieve with the tree trimming for the best results.

2. No Heavy Trimming

Less is definitely more when trimming mature trees. Whatever the reason for the service, avoid heavy trimming as it will cause significant stress on your tree's health and affect its overall well-being in several ways.

Removing too much foliage during tree trimming will reduce its food production capacity, directly affecting its health. Again, if you trim too much from the tree's upper canopy, you will expose much of the bark tissue to the sun, which can result in damage due to sunscald. If the trimming is excessive, the diminished food production capacity and sunscald injuries can be so severe that the tree may die.

3. Trust Only the Experts

With tree trimming, it ultimately comes down to choosing the right people for the job. It is even more important that you choose qualified and experienced tree professionals when your mature trees require trimming. 

Given the complexity involved in the process and how much is at stake, as outlined, you cannot afford to do it yourself or hire anyone but the experts. When making inquiries and comparing service providers, be sure to ask about whether or not the tree company has experience with tree trimming for mature trees. You can always provide details such as the species of your tree and its age. 

In conclusion, if done right, tree trimming is very beneficial to mature trees, just as it is to younger ones. Plenty goes into trimming mature trees the right way, from the techniques, to how much to trim away and the frequency of service. Your best bet will always be to hire a tree service company with the skills and experience to trim mature trees.

For more information on tree trimming, contact a professional near you.