The trees in your yard can really enhance the look of your yard. You can get a lot of shade from the trees, which can help with your heating and cooling bills. The problem is not all trees should be standing. Trees are like any other living organism; sometimes, they get sick or die. Other times, the tree has different issues and needs to be removed. It's important that you know when you should call a tree service to evaluate and remove your tree.

Invasive Species

If the tree is an invasive species, it is something you should have removed as soon as possible. Some invasive species spread very quickly; before you know it, they're taking over your lawn and pushing everything else out. For example, the tree may send out runners from its roots, and you won't know that there is a sapling there until there suddenly is one. Other invasive species can poison the ground around their trunks, keeping other plants or trees from growing. If you aren't sure if your tree is an invasive species, you can contact a tree service that can let you know what the species is, or you can contact your county extension office, and they should be able to help you identify your tree.

Y or V Crotch

The crotch of the tree is where the large limbs connect with the tree's trunk. The ideal shape for it is a U-shape because that shape will give the branches a better connection to the trunk of the tree. A V or Y shape isn't generally as strong, which can put them at risk of falling in winter or severe weather. Of course, just because the trees have a V or Y-shaped crotch doesn't mean that the tree is automatically going to fall over. It just means that it is at a higher risk. A tree service will be able to tell you what they think you should do with that tree and then enact any solutions. The tree service may be able to trim the tree so that it will be stronger and last for a long time.

If you love your trees, you want to keep as many of them in your yard as possible. However, that isn't always a possibility. There are times when trees need to be removed for health or safety reasons. Have a tree service check out your trees so that you can make the right decisions about what to do. 

For more information about tree removal, contact a local company.